Three Ways to Keep Neutrals Exciting

Here’s another great neutral room designed by Mary Strong. There are a few basic guidelines to designing a neutral room that doesn’t look blah.

1.    Color. You do need a little color. A few brightly colored accents will work magic in a room of camel, taupe or beige. This sumptuous, red-orange cocktail ottoman does most of the work here.

2.    Contrast. Black furnishings in the corners and black accents in the rug keep the room from looking washed out. The rug is especially important, since it disperses small doses of contrast evenly through the room.

3.    Pattern. Don’t limit a room to solids and smooth surfaces. The patterned rug, striped chair and Roman shades bolster the look of the space with some visual texture. Roman shades are a great alternative to blinds. Both let you control light and privacy, but blinds can make the room appear unfinished. A shade will get some color (and pattern) up on those walls.


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